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  Bubble Charts
Have you ever wanted to draw a one or two-dimensional array of data as a figure in your manuscript? Historically, people have used a heatmap, with shades of color to indicate the value at each position in the array. The program described here uses black and white circles (bubbles) of different sizes to show the values. Here is an example:

The program
Usage: /home/croot/work/hallamsoft/ [-r] [-s] [-l] [-x xsize] [-y ysize] -o output.svg input.csv
    This program will read the input csv file and produce an SVG image
    showing the data as a bubble chart.  The first value in the first
    row becomes the graph title, and the remainder of the first row
    becomes column labels.  The first value in each of the remaining rows
    becomes the row label, with the remaining values being interpreted
    as data values.

    -x xsize: The width of the columns (40)
	-y ysize: The height of the rows (20)
	-s : Add a scale to the bottom
	-r : Make the data value proportional to the radius, not the area. 
	-l : Scale the data by logarithm
	-i1 : Make column labels italic 
	-i2 : Make row labels italic

    Sample input file:

Download bubble.prl here, rename to, and type 'chmod u+x ./', and then typing './' should generate the help message seen above. Web server security prevents us from naming the file '' here.

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