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Charles Howes
Systems Manager

office phone: 604-722-5387
fax: 604-822-6041

Research interests:

  • Bioinformatics analysis of metagenomic datasets
  • Intergenic spacer analysis (RISA)
  • Cluster computing
  • Robotics
I joined the Hallam lab in May 2008, as a Co-op student in an 8-month term, working with David Walsh to analyze metagenomic data sets. From January to May 2009 I worked between classes to automate the steps that coworkers used to analyze their data. After graduation in May 2009, I was hired full time, and worked with Antoine Pagé on proteomics and Martin Hartmann of the Mohn Lab on RIS analysis. In September 2009 I was rehired as a Tech/4 Research Assistant, and in May 2011 I was again rehired as Systems Manager.

2009 B.Sc. Biotechnology (Honors, Co-op), University of British Columbia/British Columbia Institute of Technology
2007 Di.T. Biotechnology, British Columbia Institute of Technology
2003 B.Sc. Computer Science (Co-op), Simon Fraser University

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