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Olena (Helen) Shevchuk (Олена Шевчук)
Research Assistant / Tech 1


2005-2009 B.Sc. Microbiology and Immunology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Curriculum Vitae: Click here

Research interests:

  • Environmental genomic analysis of microbial communities found in the coastal waters of the North Pacific
  • Intergenic spacer analysis (RISA) as a method of microbial community analysis
I joined Hallam lab in summer of 2008, when I received an NSERC summer award to work together with Jody Wright on the phylogenetic inventory of the microbial community diversity found in the coastal and open ocean oxygen minimal zones within the subarctic Pacific Ocean (in particular Line P). During 2008/2009 academic year I worked on my directed studies project involving the phylogenetic study of the microbial community structure in La Perouse, upwelling region off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Currently I oversee routine field operations in Saanich Inlet, where water samples are collected and then analyzed in the lab for trace gases, nutrients and DNA/RNA extracted is used for genetic analysis. I’m also working on project investigating the microbial communities found in the coastal waters of the North Pacific.

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