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David Walsh
Post-Doctoral Fellow

A post-doctoral researcher in the Hallam Lab until August 2010, David is now faculty at Concordia University.

Curriculum Vitae: Click here

Research interests:
My interest is in microbial diversity, evolution and speciation. In particular I want to know how genomic variability arises in natural microbial communities and what forces are important in its maintenance and elimination, i.e. the contribution of adaptation and neutral mechanisms to evolutionary change. These questions are being addressed using community phylogenetics to compare the distribution of genomic variation across geochemical gradients in a near shore anoxic basin.

Ph.D. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Dalhousie University. Canada.
B.Sc. Biochemistry and Microbiology. University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. Canada.
Diploma Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry. Camosun College, Victoria, B.C. Canada.


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Wright J.J., Lee S., Zaikova E., Walsh D.A., Hallam S.J. (2009) DNA extraction from 0.22 µm Sterivex filters and cesium chloride density gradient centrifugation. J Vis Exp. 31.

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